Lighting products

Lighting design is a careful balance between the creative vision and technical knowledge. We have an all-round in-depth knowledge of lighting products, lamps (LED, halogen, fluorescent through to discharge), light fittings and control systems. The products that we endorse are from five specially selected companies. These companies provide an excellent product, good value and a good trustworthy back up service.

‘Old school and new technology’

We are from the ‘old design school’ but mix the design with cutting edge technology. Having being involved with theatre, opera, events through to conferences means that we think about lighting design from a different angle. We think ‘out of the box’. Theatrical lighting it is not always about focusing a light direct onto the subject to be lit but is more about creating real interest by lighting the subject from an angle hence creating shadows. Shadows create interest and depth to any situation whether you are illuminating a person, product, garden, pool or building. Applying subtle colours will create even further the ‘wow’ element.

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